All About Non Verbal Reasoning (NVR)
"There is only one proven way to enhance performance on NVR tests - practice."
(Jensen, A.R. (1980). Bias in mental testing. London: Methuen)

What is Non Verbal Reasoning?

Non Verbal Reasoning – “Recognising patterns and relationships between abstract shapes and geometrical figures, and the ability to reproduce and extend them.” (GL Assessment)

There are 164 government funded, fully selective, state schools in England, the majority of which are grammar schools. Northern Ireland retains state funded selective schooling, albeit currently under review, whilst Wales and Scotland have no state funded selective education.

Both selective State and Independent Secondary schools require prospective pupils to sit selection exams, usually at the age of 11 to determine who can be admitted. These exams vary within Local Education Authorities and even from school to school but generally consist of exam papers from some or all of the following: English, Maths, Non Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning.

Non Verbal Reasoning questions are not generally explained in the school curriculum and even the most academically able children can find them baffling until they are familiar with the style and questions types.

Finding suitable practice questions for Non Verbal Reasoning exams is difficult; paper tests can prove expensive and are limited in quantity. atestingtime was specially created to provide parents with a brand new resource to help their children progress with Non Verbal Reasoning skills and techniques through its unlimited, online test questions and personalised feedback.

atestingtime online tests are the same style as the Non Verbal Reasoning question types used by GL Assessment, Letts, NFER and Bond in their entrance exam papers.

Further information on question types along with advice on techniques, hints and tips are available to subscribers.

Success at NVR exams requires practice and perseverance and atestingtime unique, unlimited Non Verbal Reasoning tests are invaluable as they provide just that opportunity.



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