These questions test your verbal reasoning skills. This includes your testing vocabulary, a logical approach, your ability to determine patterns within words and your ability to manipulate words.

Verbal - "Letter Series"


DR ER FP GP (??)

It is important to realise that there is no relationship between the pairs of letters. The relationships occur between “first” letter sequences i.e. D E F G and “second” letter sequences i.e. R R P P.

You are given five pairs of letters to choose from. A GM B GN C HQ D HN E IO


First letter sequence D E F G

D → E = forward 1, E → F = forward 1, F → G = forward 1

The pattern is “forward 1” each time. So the next “first” letter is G forward 1 = H
This means answer options A, B and E can be eliminated.


Second letter sequence R R P P

R → R = same R → P = back 2 P → P = same

Although this is a short sequence, it is most likely that the next step would be P back 2 = N. Answer option “D” is HN, therefore you can choose answer option “D” as the correct answer.

Question Variance You should aim for 100% accuracy with these questions; it is difficult to get them wrong if you follow the method & technique.