These questions test your verbal reasoning skills. This includes your testing vocabulary, a logical approach, your ability to determine patterns within words and your ability to manipulate words.

Verbal - "Letters For Numbers"

In these questions, letters stand for numbers. Work out the answer to the sums, find its letter and mark it on the answer sheet.


If A = 10, B = 20, C = 30, D = 60 and E = 80. What is the answer to this sum written as a letter? A + B + C = ( ? )

All of the questions should be worked out from left to right. There are no other mathematical issues to consider when answering these questions.

The correct answer is always given to you in the answer options. If your working out gives a different answer to all the answer options, then you have made a mistake somewhere.

On the answer sheet you are given five letters to choose from. These letters correspond to the letters and their values that appear in the question. A A B B C C D D E E It is important to work from left to right and make a note of your answers as you progress through the question.

A = 10 B = 20 So A + B = 30 C = 30 So 30 + 30 = 60 The answer to the sum is 60. D = 60 So answer option ā€œDā€ must be the answer.