These questions test your verbal reasoning skills. This includes your testing vocabulary, a logical approach, your ability to determine patterns within words and your ability to manipulate words.

Verbal - 'Word Connections'

In these questions find one word from each group that will complete the sentence in the best way. Mark both words on the answer sheet.

kid is to (child  goat   glove) as foal is to (drink  horse   blanket)
In the answers you are given five pairs of words.
A child blanket
B goat horse
C glove blanket
D child horse
E goat drink
Sometimes it is easy to see the answer straight away.
Kid is to goat as foal is to horse. The correct answer options are 'B, E'.
The first step is to make a link between the first keyword 'kid' and the first group of answer options; 'child', 'goat', 'glove'. Then see if you can make the same link with the second keyword 'foal' and the second group of answer options; 'drink', 'horse', 'blanket'. Kid is another word for child (simile).
Can you make a simile link between 'foal' and 'drink', 'horse' or 'blanket'? No.
Kid is a young goat (young/adult)
Can you make a young/adult link between 'foal' and 'drink', 'horse' or 'blanket'?
Yes. Foal is a young horse.
Kid is to goat as foal is to horse makes sense.
The correct answer options is 'B', 'goat, horse'.
You do not have to check any other options, as there will only be one correct answer.

Possible Question Variances

  • Young/adult
  • Similes (synonyms)
  • Opposites (antonyms)
  • Gender (male/female)
  • Anagrams
  • Reverse words
  • Same sound (homophones)
  • Linked words