atestingtime is a simple tool to improve your ability to do Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning (NVR) tests. Just as an e-book, you click and a test full of brand new questions is sent to your computer/tablet, where our reading software will display it.


  • Not enough  NVR and VR tests to give sufficient practice
  • Grammar schools selection standards higher
  • Independent schools using it for pre selection
  • Computer tests used more widely
  • Manually created tests are likely to have errors and ambiguities. These have been ruled out with an algorithmic approach


  • Practice is a proven way of improving score
  • Familiarity with types of questions
  • No cramming – a little a lot is a better approach
  • Computer /online testing practice
  • No marking time
  • Identification of weak areas
  • Guided courses can nurture pupils though the levels of difficulty
  • Each question is timed so we can identify where time is used
  • Analysis to compare strengths and weaknesses in different question types
  • It is possible to revisit questions
  • Never run out of questions - atestingtime does not use a database of questions, but creates brand new questions, directly for you, through the use of advanced algorithms
  • Compare results by taking exactly the same tests
  • Standardised scoring :  is 17/20 in 10 mins better that 15/20 in 8 mins?
  • Syllabus neutral
  • Cheaper than a tutor
  • Graded  and standardised from 8-13 years old and on to UK CAT levels
  • No duplicate questions – no errors
  • Different questions can be compared in difficulty via standardised scores
  • Focus on areas that attention is needed, not with the administration of marking, at a glance
  • Previous tests are instantly reviewable and retakeable
  • As in an e-book, you can continue to read your previous tests even after your subscription is ended


  • Recession – more people trying to get into grammar schools to avoid school fees
  • Independents Schools are now using NVR in pre-selection tests at 11+ as well as Common Entrance
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