atestingtime provides unlimited online Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning tests.

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What makes atestingtime verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning tests different?
atestingtime provides a professional service built on expertise, unique and unlimited test questions, up to date test knowledge and the personal 11+ experiences of the designers.
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atestingtime solves your problems

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Guided Courses

  • Professionally planned courses prepare your child for exam
  • Watch your child progress
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Explaining Non Verbal Reasoning

  • How do I improve my ability to do NVR?
  • What is NVR?
  • Who uses NVR?
  • How can atestingtime help you to improve at NVR?
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149 awasar 23-09-09 2526239
149 omtamang 23-09-14 2531066
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  • We have been awarded the Best 11+ Resource by Tutorful!
    "ATestingTime is an awesome website built to offer constantly regenerated, completely unique verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions, enabling pupils to do new tests with new questions 24/7, without limit. "
  • I am sure using atestingtime has helped Aiden with the Latymer non verbal reasoning eleven plus tests. He has a good feeling about it, but we won't know any results until 22nd November...
    Minoo – Hopeful Latymer Grammar School parent
    I am writing to let you know that Aiden passed his NVR test and is going on to round 2! Thanks again for your help & I will definitely recommend you!
    Kind regards Minoo – More Hopeful Now! Latymer Grammar School parent
    Great news of success!
    Obtaining a high non verbal score is vital for success at oversubscribed selective schools such as the Grammars in Lincoln, Birmingham and Kent, Tiffin Boys, Tiffin Girls, Newstead Woods, Henrietta Barnet and Latymer.
  • Introducing Rebecca to online testing through your website really helped her confidence when faced with the 45 minute computer aptitude test. Many thanks
    Helen – Surrey Parent
    Computer based entrance tests and computer aptitude tests are now required by many senior schools (for example Eton, Wellington, St Paul’s Girls’ School, London and St Johns, Surrey).
    Regular practice on atestingtime can help give your child the edge when it comes to such highly sought after school places.
  • Thank you very much for the specially tailored Kendrick eleven plus tests in non verbal reasoning you have made available for my daughter. They have been really helpful and she has improved even more
    Sheila – parent
    Extensive research and specialism in non verbal reasoning tests enables atestingtime to plan personalised courses to reflect the questions asked in your school tests.
    Avalable exclusively when you sign up to atestingtime
  • The website is quite classy and up to extremely high standards and what with the scarcity of suitable non verbal reasoning materials, I am sure it will be a success.
    Lisa – Kent parent
    If you need non verbal reasoning for your school tests – you need to sign up to atestingtime, the non verbal test specialists
  • I like the look and feel of your site and the idea behind it is great.
    Eleanor - Latymer and Henrietta Barnett parent
    atestingtime is intuitive and easy to use having been tested extensively on real children sitting their real eleven plus exams!
  • Your website is really very useful for preparation as it is also a welcome change from all the ‘normal’ papers and it is nice to see the charts and performance history to be able to work out what areas to work on more.
    Mark said he had found the 'Explaining Non Verbal Reasoning Questions' section easily and that it was useful. I can say his confidence is increasing and it is less hard to get him to practice thanks to your website!
    Steve - North London parent
    Great graphs, online marking, question hints and full non verbal explanations and guidance are all available making atestingtime the most complete 11+ test preparation available.
  • The thing that I like best from the website, is the results by question type, this is perfect in understanding my weak areas and strengths so I can focus on my weaknesses. I like the email feedback as well, and that you can take the personalised test as well. As I believe that other resources lack this option.
    Nat – student
    Keeping in touch and responding to our customers is vital and its great to know the feed back is well received.
  • Using atestingtime increases the speed with which NVR questions are answered, which is very valuable as they need to be quick in the 11+ tests and also need some time to go back and correct their own work.
    Sandra – Tiffin parent
    atestingtime enables your child to practice when they need and as much as they need to ensure test success. Sign up today to let us show you the path to 11+ success!